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pad lock board // pre-school play - I think Laurel would LOVE this. Definately need to make it so keys stay with board. Maybe color code keys and locks at first then advance to random


15 Awesome Classroom Ideas For Teachers

Letter hunting with matchbox cars! This is a fun way to combine learning letters and playing at the same time! playful learning, preschool literacy, abcs, learning through play, crozet playschool

Set-up a literacy parking lot and label the toy cars with the letters of the alphabet. Encourage children to practice letter recognition by having them park the cars in the right spot.

Ordning och reda på leksaksbilarna med en magnetlist

DIY IKEA Hacks for Kids' Rooms: GRUNDTAL magnetic knife rack repurposed as a wall storage for toy cars.Ikea magnetic knife rack for car storage. Keeps the favorites handy and off the floor (saving my bare feet in the dark).