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It's SO easy to think you're going crazy when you deal with narcs and narcopaths. Realize it's THEM, it was never you. Knowledge is such power!


I often feel this way because I can't usually get all the right words out and express how I actually feel i have a pretty hard time letting people in there's only one person in my family i really trust to tell anything to

Saknar dig

"She's losing sleep over someone who isn't concerned about losing her. That's hell. Her own personal hell." Can relate

or i’m dying to be alone because i’m stressed

I was raised to see my tears as weakness. Nobody elses. It takes alot of strain to make me break but if i do something is very very wrong.


You've got to look past your own nose [for reason other than minding someone else's bidness and/or avoiding your own truths]; that's a pretty key step.

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Scarred up wrists and broken hearts. Lost hope and shattered dreams.

I wish every night that I don't wake up. The only thing good in my life is bands. I love sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, black veil brides, of mice and men, and bring me the horizon.

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