Artist Kjell E. Midthun's Nissen are quite well-known here in Norway.

Nisse på spark (Gnome) - Kjell Midthun Gnome on a kick sled.

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Pettson and Findus (bilderböcker) by Sven Nordqvist, Sweden

Lucia Day, Pettson and Findus (bilderböcker) by Sven Nordqvist, Sweden

Lars Carlsson, is a Swedish Artist that captures the spirit of being Swedish. You will find his work in many Scandinavian Gift Shops!

Swedish Lars Carlsson Art Postcard Gnome Horse

Sven Nordqvist. Petsson & Findus. SWEDEN.

Pettson & Findus Christmas ~~ cartoon from Sweden ~~ in Finland they are "Viiru ja Pesonen"