and maybe that's necessary to make a breakthrough. To build a stronger foundation and to release the things that are no longer meant for you

You were always someone else's but it doesn't mean it didn't hurt when I lost you

I hate feeling like this, I'm heartbroken all over again because I trusted him not to hurt me like this.

❤️I finally realize our relationship was finished long before you told me I was not good enough and you vanished from my life.

I would always answer if I knew it was you

I love that this validates pain and sadness as ugly and destructive. It's speaks truth instead of romanticising it as beautiful.

Håkan Hellström- Pistol

Håkan Hellström- Pistol ("Don't give yourself time for regrets.

Instagram-foto av @aldrigbae • den 12 januari 2016 kl. 11:03

Instagram-foto av @aldrigbae • den 12 januari 2016 kl. 11:03