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Physics Concepts

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Physics simplified through pictures (and words).

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How Carl Sagan immortalized the theory by Hans Bethe on television

Astronomer Carl Sagan popularized the phrase "We are made of star stuff" when he said: Nitrogen in our DNA, calcium in our teeth,...

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5 Characters of Physical Law

A scientific law is verbal or mathematical explanation that describes some phenomenon of the natural world.For example: Newton's law of gravity, which states...

Kirchhoff biography physics Kirchhoff law example Physics Concepts, Native Country, Physicist, How To Be Outgoing, Biography, Law, High School, Student, Words

Biography of Gustav Kirchhoff

Most high school and engineering students know Gustav Kirchhoff by his namesake circuit laws. But there is more to him than that as we shall...

Top ten discoveries by isaac newton Binomial Theorem, Differential Calculus, Reflecting Telescope, Physics Concepts, Scientific Revolution, Thought Experiment, Isaac Newton, Top Ten, Mind Blown

Ten Mind-Blowing Discoveries By Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton is one of the few names that will forever be enshrined in physics history and that too with a lot of glamour associated. Contri...

james prescott joule thermodynamics Physics Concepts, Royal Society, Joules

Pioneer of Thermodynamics Was Rejected By The Royal Society

Sometimes an idea is so far ahead of the time that when proposed it is met with suspicion and mockery. This happened with English physicist ...

A blog about physics, astronomy and science history. Purpose: To promote physics and encourage scientific temper. Indian Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy, Physics Concepts, Heisenberg, Quantum Mechanics, Physicist, Nobel Prize, 25 Years Old, Albert Einstein

Werner Heisenberg's Pioneering Views On Quantum Mechanics

Werner Heisenberg was a German theoretical physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1932 for the creation of quantum mechanics. He was o...

difference between astrology and astronomy why astronomy is better than astrology Physics Concepts, Physics Humor, Pale Blue Dot, Character Trait, Carl Sagan, Nobel Prize, Historian, Different, Astronomy

10 Hard-Hitting Differences Between Astronomy and Astrology

1. Every newspaper in the world has a daily column on astrology. Not a single paper carries even a weekly column on astronomy. ( Carl Sagan ...

Antimatter has the same mass as particles of ordinary matter but has opposite charge and properties. Special Relativity, Theory Of Relativity, Dirac Equation, Paul Dirac, Wave Equation, Enrico Fermi, Physics Concepts, Engineering Degrees

This Is How Dirac Predicted Antimatter

For those who don't know anything about English theoretical physicist Paul Dirac: he has often been compared to one of the fathers ...

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Applications of fundamental forces in real life

All the visible interactions in nature can be explained in terms of just four fundamental forces. Most physicists think that these...

What Does Space Sound Like? Physics Concepts, Space Sounds, Sounds Like

What Does Space Sound Like?

NASA spacecrafts have instruments installed on them which can pick radio emissions from different space objects. These electromagnetic waves are then convert...

Newtonian Mechanics Physics Demos Physics Concepts, Centrifugal Force, Physics Humor, Energy Conservation, Market Value, Physics

Newtonian Mechanics Physics Demos

List of physics concepts demonstrated in the videos: inertia of rest, relation between mass and acceleration, action reaction pair, centrifugal force, mechan...

Let us learn classical mechanics in minimum time. Physics Concepts, Centrifugal Force, Energy Conservation, Let It Be

Newtonian Physics Demos

first law of motion second law of motion third law of motion centrifugal force ene...

Technology | Physics Everywhere | Episode 01 Educational Leadership, Educational Technology, Science And Technology, Physics Concepts, Physics And Mathematics, Leadership Quotes, Education Quotes, Faith Quotes, Quotes Quotes

Technology | Physics Everywhere | Episode 01

Physics everywhere is a series of short episodes as a tribute to science writer Yakov Perelman who is known for his popular books on physics and mathematics....

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The easiest person to fool is yourself; that is why we do science

Ten Physics Documentaries You Should Watch Right Now Lise Meitner, The Elegant Universe, Brian Greene, Learn Physics, Physics Concepts, Quantum Entanglement, Richard Feynman, Nuclear Reactor, Best Documentaries

Ten Physics Documentaries You Should Be Watching

Great American astronomer, Carl Sagan, said in the original Cosmos: "Imagination will carry us to the worlds that never were but w...