27 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design

27 Examples Of Minimal Interior Design #38


A perfect example of where a darker ceiling adds a cozier feeling to this all white bathroom!

Bougie pour ranger ses pinceaux de maquillage / Decoration

CACTI: We've lived through the succulent phase. It's time to welcome cacti into our lives (as seen at Trendenser). You can have them little or big, but in any size, they bring a cheerful burst of green into a monochrome world.

Jag skulle så gärna vilja sätta in en riktigt stor spegel ovanför handfatet i badrummet på vår övervåning och kan inte släppa bilderna på det här badrummet från Filippa K's fd lägenhet. Rummet…

Photo Wrede Filippa Knutsson's previous home is for sale at Wrede's. Filippa Knutsson is the woman behind the swedish clothes brand Filippa K and she sold her apartment in Stockholm including ALL interior in

lampa på spegel

Filippa K:s badrum lämnar lite att önska

Apartment, Tile Floor Stunning Apartment Bulb Wall Lights White Bathroom Furniture ~ Amazing Modern Apartment Design with Futuristic Interior Ideas

En stor hink blir en miniatyr ‹ Dansk inredning och design

If you often find your working desk littered with small bits of trash, such as paper scraps or unused clips, this miniature bin might help you.