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Easy lighter-than-butter Cream Drop Scones
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Recipes | Disney Family

What's for dinner tonight? You're sure to find the answer among these many delicious, Disney-inspired meals and treats.

Lemon Poppy Seed Greek Yogurt Pancake Recipe
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Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes | Yogurt Pancake Recipe

Light and fluffy lemon poppy seed pancakes made with Greek yogurt.

Homemade Chocolate Almond Butter from @Lindsay Landis | Love and Olive Oil (think of it as an almond version of Nutella)

Homemade Chocolate Almond Butter | Love and Olive Oil

Now that I've broken the proverbial seal on the fabulous world of homemade nut butters, I can quickly see it becoming an obsession. One of my favorite spreads is a cocoa almond spread from Trader

chunky chocolate buckwheat granola
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Chunky Chocolate Buckwheat Granola - My New Roots

Having a baby really puts your priorities under a microscope, because the little time that they are actually asleep during the day is your opportunity to get important things accomplished. Things like bathing, eating, laundry, doing your taxes, calling you mom. Funny then, that lately …

Peach and oat pancakes (gluten free) - cookieandkate.com
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Gluten-Free Peach and Oat Pancakes - Cookie and Kate

16 reviews
30 minutes

Thinly sliced peaches caramelize as they cook in these delicious, gluten-free, oat and yogurt pancakes. They're peach upside-down pancakes! No need to peel your peaches, unless you want to. Recipe yields about 8 pancakes.

Avocado Toast

AVOCADO TOAST | Lauren Kelp | Thoughtful Living

Avocado Toast is all the rage right now & for good reason. It's quick, delicious, and healthy!

toasted coconut chocolate pancakes
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Toasted Coconut Chocolate Pancakes | Bev Cooks

It’s basically still the weekend if I post pancakes, right? What iiiiif the pancakes were stuffed to the gills with toasted coconut and chocolate cocoa? Eh? Now we’re talking? Yes. As Instagram as my witness, these babies have opened my eyes (and mouth) to the wonderment of PANCAKES. I can’t stop eating/craving/making/eating/eating them. It’s so …

Marzipan & Orange Blossom Morning Buns
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Marzipan & Orange Blossom Morning Buns | Love and Olive Oil

Christmas morning always calls for something special. I don't know why I'm always drawn to cinnamon rolls, but they just feel like Christmas morning, a present unto themselves. Unwrapping the layers of soft dough and

Mighty Maple Peanut Butter Pancakes with white chocolate chips

Mighty Maple White Chocolate Pancakes - Oh Sweet Basil

this Mighty Maple White Chocolate Pancakes recipe comes from their Mighty Maple Peanut Butter.

whole weat banana waffles
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Whole Wheat Banana Waffles - Eat, Live, Run

Folks, I am on a serious waffle kick. Before getting a waffle iron for Christmas {thanks, mom and dad!} I was eating those multigrain toaster waffles from Whole Foods every single morning with either a bowl of greek yogurt or a few scrambled eggs. Now I am eating these waffles every day and, naturally, homemade is always better than storebought! I worked on this recipe last weekend and loved the result so much that I re-made the waffles the very next afternoon just with the intent to freeze…

Super Food Muffins

Healthy Morning Muffins

32 reviews
37 minutes

Get this simple recipe for healthy muffins that are delicious and extremely good for you! Packed with superfoods, these muffins are bound to become a favorite.

baked carrot cake oatmeal

Baked Carrot Cake Oatmeal

baked carrot cake oatmeal

shakshuka (on a budget)

Shakshuka on a Budget

shakshuka (on a budget)

3x breakfast oatmeal
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3 x Breakfast Oatmeals + Copenhagen Guide

3x breakfast oatmeal

Baking with Whole Grains: Whole Grain Pancake Mix | Annie's Eats

Whole Grain Pancake Mix - Everyday Annie

Baking with whole grains is something I do from time to time, but it’s an area I am not well versed in. However, it is most definitely a topic I am trying to learn more about. The more I make our food from scratch and try to make healthy choices, the more interested I […]

dutch babies

DUTCH BABIES - The Kitchy Kitchen

Well, I guess these aren’t really babies, as much as Big Babies, and not Dutch, so much as Deutsch, and honestly, maybe we should just call them North Western Pfannkuchen and call it a day. Dutch Babies come from the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition, meaning, they’re German in origin, and were originally served in muffin …