Paper roll opossum craft for kids

When I was going through my stickers to find a teensy heart for ' The Kissing Hand' raccoon , I came across some opossum (possum?

Vägg/Kakeldekor Supersega Såpbubblor Strl 145x145mm

Vägg/Kakeldekor Supersega Såpbubblor Strl 145x145mm

A "Handy" Christmas Tree: Great project we make with our toddler class each year. Just use one hand from each child and then one of their feet for the stump! Cute classroom decoration for Christmas

Fyyy va kallt de är idag! Håller mig inne med undantag till och från förskolan. Har ju helt glömt bort att berätta, i lördags förra veckan, allts samma dag Belle döptes gjorde Lea sin första…

Christmas craft for kids ~ construction paper and googly eyes reindeer cover for chocolate bar or make out of toilet paper rolls


20 Christmas Decorations Made From Toilet Paper Rolls


Toilet Roll Snowman

Toilet Roll and Odd Sock Snowmen (and a bowling game, add scores and you have a sneaky maths game too!just before I threw all those odd socks away!

Aprender Brincando: Papai Noel com Reciclável para Educação Infantil

Aprender Brincando: Papai Noel com Reciclável para Educação Infantil

Christmas gift wrap inspiration! Make your own DIY beaded Christmas gift tags for your holiday packages!

Red and white Christmas gift wrapping. See the other 49 of our favourite Christmas gift wrapping ideas by clicking the image above ^

Bildresultat för julpyssel till julgranen

Would be easy clean fun craft when baby is older - Christmas tree perler bead patterns by clara

Min blogg om allt mellan himmel och jord: pyssel

Christmas Kids Craft: Paper Plate Angel- Tries these with my Sunday school kids, and they loved them! Couldn't wait to give them to their parents/grandparents!