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Yasmine Hellström

Yasmine Hellström
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to use healthy coping strategies when we're sad, angry, or hurt. Tap the link to check out sensory toys!

Here& a list of 50 positive ways to cope with negative feelings. It& important to use healthy coping strategies when we& sad, angry, or hurt.

Running Tip

Running tip: Always out of breath? You're probably running too tense. Try to loosen your shoulders and chest. Run tall and relaxed not tight and tense. Avoid your shoulders being stiff and open your chest. The more you expand your lungs the more efficient


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Applying Mindfulness To Everyday Life #peacefulprof

Mindfulness is not a magic trick that all of a sudden eliminates stress and gives you the life of your dreams. But people who have integrated a mindfulness practice into their lives, repeatedly use the phrase “life-changing” to describe it.Power of the

Not Just An Eye, Hiperrealist Eyes

Funny pictures about Just A Drawing Of An Eye. Oh, and cool pics about Just A Drawing Of An Eye. Also, Just A Drawing Of An Eye photos.