Pegboards are simple accessories, often used in areas such as offices. However, they're considerably more versatile than that and the pegboard system can b

70 Resourceful Ways To Decorate With Pegboards And Other Similar Ideas

Adding texture to a space requires a delicate balance. Too few accents and the textured pieces will seem out of place, but too many and they could feel chaotic. To strike the perfect compromise, create a focal point in your room with one statement piece. Then, continue to add accents that subtly tie in with the hero item, be it through color, shape, or material.

Touch Me: Textured Décor to Uplift Any Space

6 Ways To Decorate With Plants + Urban Jungle Book Review

6 Ways To Decorate With Plants

Urban Jungle and Boho inspired interior decor inspiration: Great mix of an old vintage cupboard, some artwork and green plants.

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