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Yones Dia
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Charles Fonseca: Escultura

Giambologna, Hercules and the Centaur Nessus detail

Perseo con la cabeza de Medusa - Benvenuto Cellini

Perseus With the Head of Medusa by Zinvolle - by Benvenuto Cellini. Photo taken in Florence, Italy. Another statue of Medusa vs Perseus myth. This statue depicts when Perseus beheaded medusa as told in the Ovid.

Part of foo dog sleeve #immovable

Part of foo dog sleeve by johansvahntattooing…

there's no way in hell i could do this. How do they feel with the pain? I just don't get it

“Irezumi (Full body tattoo), 1937 - This is a Press photo from

Wow! Color is amazing. Not for me... but very impressive!!!

Wish the tattoo artist who did my tattoo was this good with colors

次の仕事はラーメン屋でも考えて #horiwaku #日本伝統刺青 #日本伝統芸術 #日本伝統文化 #irezumi #tattoo #japanesetattoo #japantattoo

次の仕事はラーメン屋でも考えて #horiwaku #日本伝統刺青 #日本伝統芸術 #日本伝統文化 #irezumi #tattoo #japanesetattoo #japantattoo

Tattoo by Johan Finné. @eviltwinsjohan on instagram

Japanese Warrior’s Dragon

Matthieu Duquenois aka Ajarn Matt, Artists, The International London Tattoo Convention 2016

Мы любим грамматику!

Vintage Photographs of Russian Prisoners Showcase Their Coded Tattoos

Apo Whang-od, traditional tattoo practitioner from the Philippines. She should be a national treasure.

As you can see Whang Od has tattoos all down her arms and they continue pretty much all over her body. She started this art when she was 14 and actually practiced on herself to improve her skills.