Stilrent køkken i grå nuancer

Kristina Dam Studio Home. How gorgeous is this kitchen? The back wall custom shelf makes for a stunning view and contrast to the dark cabinets.

Industrial style kitchen / Vintage House Daylesford. Photo Sharyn Cairns. Interior: Kali Cavanag.

Tell me Aussie friends - what is it about Daylesford, Victoria with it's beautiful array of houses? The latest property to catch my eye is Vintage House Daylesford, captured by Sharyn Cairns.

Margeir -

This was the first apartment I went to look at, and I bought it – there was no need to complicate things”, says Margeir. First and foremost he was looking for the right location, but also.

Er svart hið nýja hvítt?

Sparkling white kitchens are trendy and beautiful, however, consider instead a dramatic black kitchen that's just as functional and aesthetically pleasing!

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