Blue teapot and teacups! I just really want a blue tea set you guys!

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UK ceramicist Alice Garland studied at Camberwell College of Art (she studied painting, printing, and ceramics) and works out of her studio in Suffolk.

上出長右衛門窯, ハイメ・アジョン : FORMA CHOEMON | Sumally (サマリー)

上出長右衛門窯, ハイメ・アジョン : FORMA CHOEMON | Sumally (サマリー)

The bowl is part of Rörstrands porcelain series Ostindia Floris that is created by Caroline Slotte and Anna Lerinder. The series is a renewal of Rörstrands old porcelain series Ostindia where the designers have worked with the classic pattern and created a whole new series.

Rörstrand Ostindia Floris Cereal Bowl - The Century House - Madison, WI

Floris is an updated porcelain collection inspired by the 80 year old series Ostindia from Rörstrand. The design behind Ostindia Floris is Caroline Slotte and Anna Lerinder where they have renewed the series and created a mug, plate and bowl with a classic touch!

Ostindia Floris Mug, 40 cl - Rörstrand - Rörstrand - RoyalDesign.