Swedish Semla Layer Cake

SEMLA SWEDISH YEAST CAKE Today fettisdagen is celebrated in Sweden and this is the big day for having a Swedish semla. This year's semla season have been extraordinary in Stockholm, with all the bakeries making their own v.

various shape ideas for lussekatter ( Lucia buns ) - I always stick to the basic S!

various shape ideas for lussekatter ( Lucia buns ) - I always stick to the basic curly S as shown at lower left!

Princess cake demystified (prinsesstårta)  my favorite cake in the universe.

Swedish Princess Cake Recipe: Cake has sponge cake alternating with jam, vanilla custard and whipped cream topped with bright green marzipan.

10 Classic Swedish Treats (I) - IKEA cookbook "Hembakat är Bäst" (Homemade Is Best) / Food Styling by Evelina Bratell, Photos by Carl Kleiner (http://www.carlkleiner.com)

Lovely way to display 10 classic Swedish treats that involve a bit of IA and design. From the IKEA cookbook "Hembakat är Bäst" (Homemade Is Best)

Swedish Semlor: "cardamom-scented-cream-and-almond-paste-filled-buns-of-excess" recipe from semiswede. com

Semlor/ fastlagsbullar/hetvägg (Swedish pastries): these cardamom-scented-cream-and-almond-paste-filled-buns-of-excess are most commonly available from the official end of the Christmas season (tjugondag Knut on January and are omnipresent until Easter.

Swedish Cinnamon Buns - My grandmother made cinnamon bread and rolls. These sure look like them.

im swedish and if you've ever tried REAL swedish cinnamon buns, you'll just be WOWED!

Swedish Chocolate Balls

Swedish Chocolate Balls

An easy no-bake dessert, these Swedish chocolate balls feature oats and cocoa powder and are finished with a roll in coconut, cookie crumbs, or nuts.

semla fika time

Photographer Roland Persson - Food, Stillife, Interior and Books - Stockholm, Sweden

Vacker saffranslängd med kanel & mandelmassa som är enkel att göra och smakar ljuvligt gott till julens fika.

- Saffran Pull-Apart med Kanel & Mandelmassa - Saffron Pull-Apart Bread with filling of Cinnamon-Remonce