BRILLIANT!!!! Old lace curtains as beautiful and functional mosquito netting. Using a wood frame and a staple gun, and voila!

Good idea for bathroom window.Window screens made from lace curtain fabric. By mounting the lace on a frame inside the room you can change the mood in your room by adding or removing the screen from your window.

Domino Harvey, bounty hunter. Inspiration for the motion picture "Domino".

The life and death of Domino Harvey

Inspiration for the motion picture "Domino". My role model for life.

Domino Harvey

The real Domino Harvey was bi-sexual and proud. She hated that the film cut that part of her life out.

Domino Harvey

Domino Harvey We watched this tonight Adam said she looked more like a member of Tool than a model! I couldn't help but laugh, but this chick ROCKED! image 1198788 500full.jpg

The real Domino Harvey

Domino Harvey

Laurence Harvey was married three times, finally to Pauline Stone in Harvey and Stone had one daughter named Domino who had a tumultuous and sad life.

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