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If this isn't the coolest thing fanboys have done for The Doctor and Amy Pond, I don't know what is!! Amy Pond In Wonderland

Amy Pond in Wonderland - the Doctor is the Cheshire Cat cool alice inspired dr.who illustration for all you science and sci fi geek alice lovers out there

"What was your reaction when you got the role?"--

"What was your reaction when you got the role?"--Matt Smith's answer proves he was perfect for the Doctor.} Don't get me wrong I loved Eccelston and Tennant too, but there was something about Matt!

I loved Donna!

Repeating what a friend said: No one will ever convince me that Donna is not a badass. I love her and her enormous sass.<<< I agree with your friend.

gosh i love these flirty lines between them so much.

The Doctor: Doctor Song, you've got that face on again. River: What face? The Doctor: The "he's hot when he's clever" face. River: This is my normal face. The Doctor: Yes, it is.

Doctor Who. He HAD eyebrows. He just left them. In other dimension. It's the same thing as Ten-Rose, but with eyebrows. <<<< nononono I cannot ship the doctor with his missing eyebrows

I got myself a Rory

I want a Rory Williams in my life. Every girl deserves a Rory Williams. I want no Prince Charming, I'm looking for my Rory Williams ~A.